Illuminated signs indoor

To effectively highlight your brand in indoor, cafe, restaurants, hotels and sales outlets.

Dim: 1000 x 444 x 60

Indoor light advertising, made with an optimal way with LED lighting, will allow your brand to illuminate with full brilliance.

Advantages: With the smallest surface in the interior, it provides excellent visibility to your brand. It is also very important that no tax is paid for the promotion of the brand in the interior.

Menu box:

An extraordinary way to connect obligation of restaurans to highlight the offer of food with your brand name.

Dim: 400 x 300 x 40

Dim: 500 x 500 x 40

Advantage: Our indoor signs are usually made with the dimmer which can adjust the amount of light to make them better accepted and turned on daily.

Dim: 450 x 330 x 30

Dim: 460 x 390 x 60

Dim: fi 350 x 60

Dim: 1800 x 350 x 60

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