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About Us

Neo-Displays is located in Senta, at the very north of Serbia.
We have experience with producing P.O.S materials and Illuminated signs for over 20 years.

Our experienced engineers, designers and skilled workers with some inputs from your side can create unique products which can become tools for significant increase of your turnover.

We are equipped with complete lines for processing wire, sheet metals and plastic sheets. We can cut, weld (MIG-MAG,TIG,SPOT welding) different metals, and combine it with vacuum-formed plastics, previouslly printed, and even with wood.

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Advantages which we provide for our customers are creating custom made solutions which , after approval , we can produce in small to big series. We are flexible , therefore we can produce even small quantities with small costs. With our experience we can provide the whole product range for our new customers.

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Presently we have 750 m2 of production space, and we are building additional 1600 m2, which shall be finished begining of year 2019. We are investing also in equipment, software (SolidWorks, Solidworks-visualize, Metalix ...)

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Our reference list covers MolsonCoors breweries in Central Europe (Serbia,Montenegro,BiH, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic), Heineken breweries (Serbia, BiH), Atlantic Group (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia), Imlek diary products and CCHBC –Coca Cola also regionally. From metal product we produce mailboxes for Sweden. These are regullar customers with turnover every year.

Benefits we provide for our clients:


Possibility to adjust the solutions to position Your products, so that Your invested resources -- Your products achieve maximum efect.


Possibility to produce smaller series / individual products for a moderate price.

Delayed payment

For our long-term partners, possibilty for deferred payment.

Possibilty to have our products transported.

Inside or outside of Serbia.

Our certificates

Bisnode AA certificate

Contact us

  • NeoDisplays D.O.O.
    Eugena Savojskog 6 - Senta, Serbia
  • +381 24 821 216
    +381 65 55 12 979